Nestor Castro


About Me

Hello my name is Nestor Castro Jimenez. I have been building amazing web experiences since 2012, from full customized landing pages to amazing web and desktop applications I have been working to not only provide a good and responsive design experience but also secure API and database structure served with the global standards of the industry. Part of my past jobs was to create api endpoint's and consume these from a customized front app created by me.

From back to de front I have been using the LEMP stack to create my favorite apps, using the Laravel framework since a far 4.0 version to the most new Laravel version, I have the necessary experience to build your ideas.

One of my favorite parts of the projects it's to build amazing experiences in the front-end, to do that I use Vue js and if you have a custom design I can build with from zero using the Tailwind framework.

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